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How long do I have to suffer?

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I'm trying to go ct(lortab)..TRYING!! I've never felt pain like I'm feeling NOW. Today is day #8. How much longer do I have to suffer? I'm soooo Tired, and Cold, my body hurts!!!

My daily dosage was minimal 5-6 lortbab 10's a day for 2 years. Are all wd's the same no matter what? How long does this feeling last?

How do you guys do it!! Where's my light at the end of the tunnel?? :rolleyes:

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    • Glamourgirl,

      i am going to make a quick post and then let the real hero's of this board come to your aide.

      You are through the worst of the phisical w/d's and should anyday start feeling better with them. A little clonidine right now would make you feel much better.

      The hard part is the emotional w/d's that start about now. Everyone reacts differently so the verdict is out on how long before you finish this fight.

      You have done a tremendous job so far,

      Hang in and hold on,

      Talk it out,


      #1; Sun, 16 Dec 2007 21:20:00 GMT
    • You've made it through 8 days of misery and you should be really proud of yourself! Do you have any idea what a wonderful, loving thing you are doing for your baby!? I promise each day is a little better, drink a lot of fluids, and sleep as much as you can. When I was in w/d, everytime I thought about wanting the lortab , I'd tell myself "you don't need that **** "over and over until finally it was true. Sounds dumb, but it worked.

      Hang in there!

      There are some really smart, caring people on this board, so keep reaching out.

      #2; Sun, 16 Dec 2007 21:21:00 GMT